"Re-examine all that you 

have been told, dismiss that

which insults your soul.

Walt Whitman




Life spirals. Sparkles. Burns. Rhythm, melody, and song are how I music my poems from moments of life. Oral tradition is part of my heritage I’ve simply known as Mama, Daddy, my maternal grandparents we called Flo and Eddie, and Grandma Roxie telling stories. Storytelling is a currency in the Black community. Unlike old money, expressing our experience through personal narrative is hard-earned, a handoff of knowing how to live, survive, and thrive while navigating in life’s uneven handedness. Wisdom passes through each generation’s palms, inheriting a priceless salve to sweeten our suffering with joy.

I am Yvette Angelique--  rocking, rolling, and reeling in life with words.

September 1, 2020 
Digital Chapbook
Eat Poems #21
Something Old, New, Borrowed and The Blues
Creative & Expressive Writing Workshop for Women
Mothering Our Artivist Gardens: Black Women Art-Making, Activism, and Radical Self-care [Host:  The Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome]
See the Girl Monologues:  Storytelling for Advocacy and Change
Leverage Your TLA Expertise as a Social Arts Practice, for Community Engagement, and Radical Livelihood [Host: TLA Network]