Writing Work

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At the launch of this poetry EP, we were amid a global pandemic—COVID19. The world stopped. And so did my energy to move forward with this project. Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty swallowed the spirit across the globe. Even though I’ve often wished for the world to stop to catch my breath, I never imagined an epidemic would be the intervention. Lesson learned: before I cast a spell on the planet to slow down on my behalf, remember to give the Universe explicit details.

I uplift this creative work, Something Old, New, Borrowed, and The Blues. I’ve been writing. And dreaming. Fingertapping, scratching out lines, blowing into my Native flute, and finally sashaying my way into the recording studio. It all seemed to come together while in front of the microphone. I am a storyteller.


In this collection of essays, you will find, "Women's Self-Leadership Through Transformative Narratives," a personal leadership development model for women interested in using reflective and creative writing, reading poetry and prose,  to grow and refine their skills.  


In the Tamara:  Critical Journal for Critical Inquiry, featured volume is "The Capacity of Organization Development Diversity Consulting to Foster Systemic Change for Social Justice Part II."  You will find an article Learning Diversity and Leadership Skills Through Transformative Narratives, a scholarly personal narrative on the use of poetry and literature in developing leadership skills in diversity and inclusion. 


Anchor Magazine is a publication on where spirituality and social justice meet. Yvette Angelique writes in collaboration with Barbara Murphy Warrington, then CEO of the Girl Scouts of New York City, about their journey in creating a female honoring competency-based leadership development program for teen girls in the Scout program.